Mark Manson’s book, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck is a life-changing self-help guide everyone needs to pick up and read. The book makes you take a hard look at your life choices and life in general and reflect on them.

Manson tells you what other self-help authors will never tell you!! For instance, Instead of telling you to feel positive all the time like other self-help gurus. The author says that there are times when you are not going to feel good or positive. There is nothing wrong with having those feelings. Learning to cope with pain and sadness instead of burying them deep within us is important. Moreover, suffering under the pressure to remain positive is very hard to cope.

The author makes you take a look at the values you hold in life. He makes you reassess them to see if they are making you happy or miserable. Manson also makes you understand what values are good and what are bad. He explains that once we embrace our fears, faults, and uncertainties, once we stop running and start confronting painful truths. Then, we can begin to find the courage, perseverance, honesty, responsibility, curiosity, and forgiveness we seek.

The honest and simplistic approach taken by the author in this book is so refreshing and addictive. Manson is also anything but boring. He jokes along the way and his sense of humour is very enjoyable and relatable. In my personal experience, when I read this book I was suddenly transported into the therapist’s office. I was listening to the advice that I didn’t know I needed to hear.

In the current age of digital technology and consumerism, we are distracted by anything and everything. We also want more and more. Sometimes not even realising if we really need more to make us happier. Is there a way we can live a grounded and content life by taking a different approach to measuring success in life? Reading the book is like having the real talk that you have been avoiding to have with yourself. You are just going to face the hard truth and improve your life from then on. To be honest, the hard truths while they may not be easy to face are the ones that we have to stand up and face if we want to see real change in our lives.


When it comes to the structure of the book the author keeps it very easy to read moving from chapter to the next seamlessly.  The language used is easy to read and simple yet so honest and meaningful. The narrative used to explain his ideas are very interesting and enjoyable. It doesn’t read like a typical self-help book or the boring step-by-step guide it reads like a storybook where the author tells you a story explains the moral of the story in a very real and humorous manner. Mark also uses his personal experience to make us understand his ideas how the re-evaluation of his values changed his life for the better. It’s real talk all along and the honesty is so refreshing that it made me feel like this was a self-help book, unlike anything I have read before.


I would advise everyone to pick up the book and give it chance because it will change your life. It will change your perspective on how you view your life and others around you. While enabling you to make choices that will profoundly impact you for the better. Mark is a true philosopher who takes complex ideas and explains them in simple words and it makes so much sense when you read them. It’s the book I wish I had picked up earlier and a book that has changed my perspective on life and happiness.

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